Rising to the Challenge


Ric Pallister - Leader South Somerset District Council

It will not have escaped anyone's notice that Councils up and down the country are being financially squeezed as never before by the Government's continuing Austerity programme. For our District Council, by 2019/20, this squeeze will have opened up a funding gap of £4.1m per annum and that gap has to be filled one way or another. 

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Liberal Democrat County Leader Jane Lock has discovered that the Tory run Somerset County Council is paying over £1 million a month for Agency staff: Jane said:

"It is no wonder that the Tories have such trouble trying to balance the annual budget, whilst paying out over £1 million a month for Agency Social workers. This means that we are paying at least £6 million more a year than we should be paying if we were able to recruit full time staff"

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Yeovil Central Candidate


Yeovil South Candidates


4 things Liberal Democrats are doing for Yeovil

1. Saving Westland Leisure Complex


Yeovil Town Council along with Liberal Democrat colleagues at SSDC have taken steps to ensure the Westlands Leisure Complex stays open; responding to a local petition of 1,774 people. SSDC plan to invest £2.628M in the site and take over its management subject to approval from Finmeccanica.

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Yeovil Liberal Democrats Ready to Fight By-Election

Following the resignation of two of the Liberal Democrat Councillors on the Town Council who are moving away from the constituency, there will now be a by-election in the Yeovil Central and South Wards of the Town Council on Tuesday 16th of February. 

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Yeovil Liberal Democrat Annual Christmas Supper


The Yeovil Democrats have hosted their annual Christmas at Seavington St Michael. With great entertainment from the Yeovil Ukulele Band lead by some of our long time members Claire and Roy Margetts.  With great food provided by some of our super Councillors, Jo Roundell Greene, Sam Crabb, Kris Castle and Sylvia Seal to name a but a few! 

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Sir Graham Watson's Speech to Liberal Democrat Regional Conference


Speech to Liberal Democrats' South West conference, Gypsy Hill Hotel, Exeter, 14 November 2015

by Sir Graham Watson, Member of the European Economic and Social Committee and President of the Western Counties Liberal Democrats.

The Prime Minister wrote this week to the President of the European Council, setting out the conditions on which he will campaign for the UK to stay in the European Union.

The country which invented cricket is threatening to take its wickets home unless everyone else plays by its rules.

There is a basic flaw in the Prime Minister's logic. If Britain will accept only a European Union shaped in its image it cannot deny the same right to others. But if France insists on Europe a la francaise and the Germans will have only a German Europe, there will be no Europe at all.

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Somerset County Council, Don’t Let People Go Cold this Christmas


Liberal Democrats on Somerset County Council have today demanded a "call in" of the Cabinet decision to withdraw 80% of the funding for homeless people in the county.

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Libertea in Chard

Saturday the 17th of October saw a great turn out at our first Libertea event held in Chard. Local members were joined by Paddy Ashdown who spoke to us about Britain's place in the future of Europe and Paddy was congratulated by members on his new role as President of the European Movement.

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