WASPI Women Score Campaign Success


The Somerset branch of Women Against State Pension Inequality are celebrating progress in their campaign after attending a national WASPI demonstration on Wednesday during the Budget and meeting with Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron.

Rose Lee South Somerset Co-ordinator and her fellow Somerset protestors joined by thousands of other affected women marching from around the country.

Rose Lee:

'It was a brilliant day going to Parliament to be part of a national protest and make our voices heard.

Paddy joined us on the demo and it was great to meet Tim who listened to our concerns.'


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Launch of Daisy Benson Advice Centre 'a great success'


Liberal Democrat parliamentary spokesperson for Yeovil Daisy Benson held her first Advice Centre on Saturday at the Liberal Democrats Office in Yeovil supported by Baroness, Cllr Cathy Bakewell.

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Lib Dem Candidate Launches Yeovil Advice Centres


Lib Dem Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Daisy Benson is this week launching Advice Centres to assist local people. 

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The Tories present a “disgraceful budget” to full council


Jane Lock, Leader of the Liberal Democrat County Group said

“Today (Wednesday 15 February) is a low point for democracy in Somerset. The Conservatives have presented a budget, which although is claiming to cut services by £18.3 million, gives no detail at all of any the cuts to vital services. We have a duty to the council tax payer and it is very hard indeed to see if this is a balanced budget.”

“The Tories have put up Council Tax again, but we will all have to wait to find out about cuts to the services. It is claimed that this budget is more strategic, but what it does not do is give any visibility on what Somerset council tax payers will get or not get for their money. Details will emerge during the County Council election campaign.”

“The Tory cabinet has overspent by £13.5 million so far this year. They have had to raid reserves again. They are financially incompetent and the people of Somerset cannot afford them any longer.”

Paddy on Brexit


So now at last we know what Mrs May has decided shall be our future in Europe - or rather out of it. What she calls for is a fundamental break with our neighbours, our culture and our past of the kind which was never discussed during the referendum campaign.

Remember, when, time and again, the Brexiteers were asked what kind of Brexit they wanted? Time and again they couldn't - or more accurately, wouldn't - answer. Or, if they did, gave answers which were completely contradictory. Some said they wanted to stay in the Single Market; others demanded out; some proposed managed immigration; others insisted on none; some suggested a new trading relationship with the EU; others wanted to cut loose completely.

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Ashdown welcomes the Government's promise, at last, to maintain and support Yeovil’s full capacity to manufacture and design helicopters.

Like many others I have become increasingly concerned about the risk that Leonardo’s Yeovil site would drift towards a maintenance and assembly facility only. For this reason I have been pressing the Government for six months now to make it clear that they are committed to maintaining and supporting the full range of skills at Yeovil, so that we can continue to design and manufacture the nation's helicopters.

I therefore greatly welcome the answer I received today in the Lords from Government Minister, Lord Prior in which he promised:

 "The capacity to manufacture helicopters in the UK is extremely important. The MoD is entirely committed to that. We will be publishing a refresh strategy later on in the year which ... will make that clear"

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Hundreds in Yeovil constituency sign petition asking for Donald Trump to be disinvited

1,994 people in Yeovil have joined the 1 million+ people nationwide in signing a petition calling for the State Visit of President Trump to be cancelled.

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Community pharmacies: a vital part of our local healthcare system under threat, Daisy Benson & Yeovil Liberal Democrats respond


The Department of Health imposed a £320m funding cut over 2 years on community pharmacies from 1 Dec 2016, which could lead to 1 in 4 pharmacies closing according to Alistair Burt MP, the former Minister of State[1].

South Somerset has 30 pharmacies, 29 of which provide care for extended hours, for example when GP surgeries are closed. Community pharmacies provide a range of health services, beyond the supply of medicines, and can help people to live independently in their own homes, stay well and avoid the need for a GP appointment.

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Paddy Ashdown welcomes Government change of heart and ask for transparency when deciding if GKN jobs will stay in Yeovil or go to Poland

Harriett Baldwin MP, Minister for Defence Procurement, has outlined in a letter to Paddy Ashdown how no decisions have been made about the future of the tools and jigs owned by the MOD at the GKN plant in Yeovil. Writing, “We have not yet made any decision on whether to allow our assets to be relocated offshore and this decision will be based on a balanced assessment”. Lord Ashdown has been lobbying the Government to use the ownership of this equipment to ensure that future airframes made by Leonardo for new Wildcat orders would be made in the UK.

Lord Ashdown has responded to the letter from the Minister, writing:

“I am glad that you have now agreed that the AW159 tools and jigs will not be allowed to leave the Yeovil site for Poland unless and until there is a full in-depth study of the comparative cost of the production on the two sites and that this will involved all relevant factors, such as the impact on the overheads of Leonardo’s Yeovil site, the cost both of transporting the tools and jigs to Poland and of transporting the assembled AW159 airframes back from Poland to Yeovil for fitting out.”

“I am grateful to you for finally giving this undertaking which will, it be welcomed, not just by the Leonardo workforce, but also by the Yeovil community at large. I also welcome this change in policy in favour of a proper competitive process, rather than repeating the procedure which applied when the Government foolishly gave the recent Apache order to the United States without any kind of tending process. ”

Paddy went on to ask the Minister if she would be able to ensure transparency in this decision making by providing the public with a broad list of factors taken into account when the Government publishes its decisions regarding the future of the tools and jigs – understanding that the specific commercially sensitive information must be kept confidential.  

Paddy further wrote on at his surprise and concern that the Minister had been unable to be clear about the inclusion of a commitment to maintain a UK stand-alone ability to make helicopters in the forthcoming Industrial Strategy. Writing: “I am bewildered that you seem unable to give a clear answer to this crucial question at this late stage in the publication of the forthcoming White Paper. I am sure you will understand that the absence of such a commitment, when the White Paper is finally published, will be treated with shock, even anger, in the Yeovil area and far beyond.” 

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Daisy Benson calls for action to support rural communities in Yeovil constituency


Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for Yeovil Constituency has reacted with concern to a new report highlighting the impact of cuts on rural areas.

  • Research for Rural England shows people in rural communities spending an average of £26.60/week more on transport than those in urban areas. This represents £1 in every £8 of disposable income. Figures also show a 25% reduction in the volume of Local Authority funded bus routes since 2011/12 which have hit rural communities, with the poorest suffering most.1

  • Transport is a vital service for people in rural communities because they need to travel to see a doctor, attend school or college, or go to work. For young people, access to education is a particular concern, Department of Transport figures show that “only half of rural users can get to a FE institution by public transport or walking ‘in a reasonable transport time’. Equally, less than 40% of rural users can get to a secondary school by public transport or walking ‘in a reasonable travel time’.2 The report goes on to highlight “The paucity of public transport networks and the absence of large employers are both barriers to delivering apprenticeships in rural areas”.

  • The rural population has a large number of people over the age of 65 (23% in rural vs 16% urban)3, yet it has less access to sheltered accommodation, dementia services and requires more home visits from GPs because of travel difficulties.

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