Adam Dance responds to concern about missing voters

13 Feb 2024
adam tom power

Potentially over 12,000 voters in the Yeovil district are missing from the current Electoral Register according to the Electoral Reform Society.  Responding Adam says

"12,000 voters represent over two-thirds of our current MP's majority and around one in five of those eligible to vote in Yeovil.  Please ensure you are able to vote in the forthcoming General Election as this will determine how our schools, hospitals, environment, economy, and much more fare in the next few years.  YOUR VOTE IS IMPORTANT!

"Along with Conservative councillor Tom Power, I recently launched a campaign to encourage young voters to check they are on the Register and have appropriate identification as this is now needed when attending the polling station. Tom and I became involved in politics at a young age and I strongly believe young people need to see politics as relevant to them now and in their future"

If you are unsure whether you are registered you should check by contacting (0300 123 2224) or add yourself to the register at