Adam Dance

South Petherton and Islemoor County Council Candidate


Adam Dance is a hard working local councillor who is fighting hard for our community on all the key local issues.

Adam (24) was born in South Petherton and has lived there all his life. He went to South Petherton Junior school and Stanchester Academy. Since leaving school has run his own landscaping business in the area.


Adam joined the Youth Parish Council at 14 and received the Chairmanship award for his youth work. He was chairman of the South Petherton Parish Council for 3 years and became the local District Councillor in 2015

With his own business, Adam understands the local economy and is determined to see more local businesses employing young people to strengthen our communities and the local economy.

Adam's Three to Fix

1. Bus Cuts 

Adam is determined to maintain the local bus services in our villages and create community transport schemes in other villages in the Division.

2. Flooding

Adam will campaign for improved road drainage and road repair. He already campaigns on this issue as a District Councillor because the County Council ignore their responsibilities.

3. Youth Services

Adam has a very strong record in youth services. He will campaign to ensure the cruel cuts to both youth and adult social services are reversed to support all our families.

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