4 things Liberal Democrats are doing for Yeovil

1. Saving Westland Leisure Complex


Yeovil Town Council along with Liberal Democrat colleagues at SSDC have taken steps to ensure the Westlands Leisure Complex stays open; responding to a local petition of 1,774 people. SSDC plan to invest £2.628M in the site and take over its management subject to approval from Finmeccanica.

2. Ensuring Community Safety


Yeovil Town Council has taken steps to make Yeovil safer by investing in over 26 CCTV cameras in the Town Centre and covering the running cost of this operation. The Liberal Democrats are also committed to ensuring a police presence is maintained in Yeovil and the Town Council currently sponsors Police Community Support Officers.

3. Providing Local Services


Following cuts to funding from Conservatives at County Hall, the Liberal Democrats have stepped in to provide much needed Youth Services. Thanks to the joint initiative with Yeovil Without and Brympton Parish Councils; Yeovil Town Council were able to provide Youth Services to the residents of Yeovil last summer. 

4. Investing In Yeovil


The Yeovil Town Council has invested money in Yeovil with projects such as the nationally recognised Yeovil in Bloom and the pavements and improvements scheme. investing in green spaces and play areas such as the renovation of the Nine Springs Cafe; giving £177,000 in community grants to projects in Yeovil.

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