Traffic Chaos and Disappointment in Merriott


Speeding traffic through Merriott, especially on Broadway, has been a major concern for the village for many years. The traffic calming scheme has been very unsatisfactory. Residents have demanded a complete review of the scheme but despite promises of action from the County Councillor nothing has been done. So too, with the non-existent pavement on Church Street which has been ignored by the County Councillor. Again no action, again failure and disappointment.

Merriott deserves action and pressure to improve traffic management in the village.

  • The traffic calming scheme must be completely redesigned
  • Residents' and especially children's lives are at risk through lack of a pavement on Church Street. Action on the pavement is required immediately

Merriott deserves a new County Councillor who will campaign for the changes that the village needs and demands.

If elected in May as your County Councillor, Adam will work hard to represent the people of Merriott on the County Council. He will put more pressure on the administration to listen to local residents and explain their decisions to Merriott Parish Council.

If you have any other issues which you want Adam to champion for you with the County Council please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will do my best to get the issue resolved.

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