Tony Lock

Candidate for Yeovil East


Tony Lock is an experienced committed County Councillor with a track record of service for Yeovil East. Tony Lock, a local man with two children and three grandchildren, has lived in the Yeovil area all his life. He worked for AugustaWestland for the majority of his working life and is now retired. Tony has represented the East of Yeovil since 1998 and has been the County Councillor for the area since 2009.

Tony prides himself in always being available for all the residents in his area, responding to the many who contact him with issues that need resolving. Tony has and is pursuing road traffic and safety schemes for the area as well as leisure facilities and currently is supporting the new school for Yeovil East along with associated Community Facilities.


Tony leads the Councillors on Somerset County Council responsible for scrutiny and oversight. Tony pledges to be available for the many people who contact him with problems and will respond, as he has always done in the past, to try and assist in solving issues quickly, where possible.

Tony’s Three to Fix

1. Road Safety

Tony has been campaigning to improve road safety. Delivering a new road crossing at Pembroke Close to help residents safely cross this busy road.

2. Healthy Activities

Tony has used his Small Improvement Scheme to get a new bike facility installed in Wydham Park. Tony wants to continue to deliver facilities for healthy activities for local residents.

3. Speed Reduction

Tony is working with local residents in St Michaels Avenue to investigate speed reduction measures. Tony will work with the County Council to make our area safer for all.

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