Mike Best

Candidate for Crewkerne 


Mike Best is a well respected and known local councillor who is committed to campaign to maintain services for our community. Mike was born and educated in Crewkerne and has lived in the town all his life. He currently works as Technical Manager for Enersys Limited  (formally Varta Batteries).  Married to Liz they have 4 children who were all educated in the local schools and has been SSDC chairman for the past 6 years. He has been a Town Councillor for the past 22 years during that time serving for 9 years as Mayor and as District Councillor for Crewkerne and Misterton for the past 12 years.

Mike has been active with Community Safety Projects for many years and is the main link with the police and emergency services. He also is active in solving Crewkerne's car parking problems.

Mike’s Three to Fix 

1. Highways

Crewkerne has long suffered from the volume of traffic passing through the town and problems with on-street parking. There has to be a better solution for Crewkerne. so we need to achieve changes to give best results in traffic flow, parking provision and management. We need action from the County Council - who currently are struggling to even paint new lines on the roads. This has to change.

2. Buses

Current levels of bus services are unacceptable and the cuts keep on coming. Many people have told me of their difficulties from trying to attend hospital appointments in Yeovil to making a simple journey to one of our nearby villages. As funding is beingwithdrawn, bus companies will focus on peak time services. A major rethink on travel policy is required.

3. Recycling Centre

Liberal Democrats campaigned to keep our local recycling centre open, and with local support it was saved from closure, although accepting an entry fee. We are now faced again with possible closure due to the new Conservative Government policy. We need to  ensure both its future in the Town so that we can recycle in Crewkerne.

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