Mick Clark Responds as Marcus Fysh Flops on Newsnight


In the face of overwhelming evidence from industry experts, the current MP for Yeovil has attempted to shut down claims that a “No-deal Brexit” would lead to delays at ports and additional Tariffs. When confronted with suggestions, from the head of the British Sandwich Association, that leaving the EU without a deal could lead to shortages of foodstuffs, delays at ports and additional tariffs, Mr Fysh called the claims “ridiculous” and reinforced his view that Brexit is “the will of the people”.

You can see Marcus's meltdown on Newsnight here.  

Commenting on this; Mick Clark, Yeovil’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Liberal Democrats, said “Marcus is detached from the reality of what a no-deal scenario means for the UK.”

“Marcus was clearly floundering as he attempted to claim that, with no trade deals in place, the UK is in a position to dictate tariffs and border controls for international trade. The reality is that, if we leave with no deal then we will be subject to World Trade Organisation rules. It is the WTO that will fix the tariffs as well as what border checks will be in place and the British Government will simply have to toe the line”

“It is because of these sorts of ill-conceived statements and platitudes that the electorate were duped into believing that Brexit would lead us to the land of milk and honey.”

“This dogmatic adherence to a process that is already predicted to harm our local and wider interests only  serves to reinforce my position, that the people deserve a say on the final terms of any Brexit deal, with the option to reject it entirely if it does not benefit British jobs, British industry and British families”

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