Lib Dem Candidate on Dementia Tax “People who have voted Conservative all their life will be shocked by this betrayal”

People in South Somerset can expect to take the brunt of Conservative plans to introduce a Dementia Tax to pay for care costs in later life. Under these plans a typical homeowner in South Somerset will pay an additional £140,000 to fund care costs in later life - 60% of the value of their home. This is a great betrayal for ordinary people who have worked hard and saved all of their lives.

The Liberal Democrats have committed to capping the cost of care. 

This is particularly important in an area such as our where 1 in 5 people is aged over 65, and facing long term care costs of tens of thousands of pounds.

Parliamentary Candidate Jo Roundell Greene said:

“Many people who have voted Conservative all their life will be shocked by this betrayal following a lifetime of hard work and doing the right thing. Like Theresa May’s raid on school lunches, this just shows the Conservatives are taking the electorate for granted, we want an election not a coronation. It will be bad for all of us if Mrs May is elected with a large majority.”

The Liberal Democrats are the only choice in Yeovil constituency who can challenge the Conservatives. Our local candidate will stand up for the people of Yeovil - democracy needs a strong opposition. 

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