A world class education system is our most important tool if we are to strengthen the economy and simultaneously fight inequality. For too many people, their family background still dictates their life chances. That is why Liberal Democrats have put education policies at the heart of our Manifesto for a generation and this year’s will be no different.

During this parliament the Liberal Democrats have made our Pupil Premium policy a reality, giving schools an extra £2.5bn every year to help those children who come from poorer backgrounds achieve more at school. We have protected the schools budget, created an Early Years Pupil Premium to help disadvantaged children from the very start of their lives, and brought in Free School Meals for all infant school pupils.

But we must do more. We are the only party to commit to protecting the entire education budget in real terms after 2015. That funding is absolutely vital if we are to provide high quality early years education, successful schools in our community and across the country, and world class colleges.

We will drive up school standards and offer parents a new guarantee. Every school in the country, whatever its type, will employ qualified teachers and teach the core national curriculum. Furthermore, that curriculum will be created by a new, independent Educational Standards Authority which will also have responsibility for examination standards. We need to take politics out of the classroom.

Britain deserves a properly funded education system which works for every child. The Liberal Democrats are the only Party that can make this a reality.  

David Laws - Education

David Laws - Education: What the Liberal Democrats have done whilst in Government

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