The Tories present a “disgraceful budget” to full council


Jane Lock, Leader of the Liberal Democrat County Group said

“Today (Wednesday 15 February) is a low point for democracy in Somerset. The Conservatives have presented a budget, which although is claiming to cut services by £18.3 million, gives no detail at all of any the cuts to vital services. We have a duty to the council tax payer and it is very hard indeed to see if this is a balanced budget.”

“The Tories have put up Council Tax again, but we will all have to wait to find out about cuts to the services. It is claimed that this budget is more strategic, but what it does not do is give any visibility on what Somerset council tax payers will get or not get for their money. Details will emerge during the County Council election campaign.”

“The Tory cabinet has overspent by £13.5 million so far this year. They have had to raid reserves again. They are financially incompetent and the people of Somerset cannot afford them any longer.”

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