Daisy Benson welcomes South Somerset District Council support for GKN workers

Responding to the news that South Somerset District Council will be extending support to workers affected by potential GKN job losses, Lib Dem prospective parliamentary candidate said:

'I wrote to the Council Leader on Friday calling for urgent action in support of local people affected. This is a welcome development at what must be a worrying time for GKN workers and their families. 

'The Lib Dems  have as record of standing up for jobs and local people and we will continue to work on this issue for the benefit of all involved.'

Text from SSDC Press Release Today:

Release: Immediate

Date: 10 October 2016

Potential job losses in Yeovil and South Somerset – Council commits to work with GKN and employees

South Somerset District Council has responded swiftly to the announcement of potential job losses in the area.  Within hours of the announcement of the likelihood of major job losses at GKN in Yeovil, South Somerset District Council committed to work with the company and its staff in minimising the impact of redundancies. 

The Council has a strong track record of working with companies forced to lay off staff, to support the people affected and minimise where possible, the impact on families and the local economy.

Councillor Ric Pallister, Leader of South Somerset District Council said: “The picture is uncertain at this time but, as with any announcement of this kind, we are concerned about all those affected.  We have a strong track record, based on a sound plan, of mobilising our staff and resources whenever large scale job losses are threatened in the District.  This time will be no exception.  As soon as the company is able, we are committed to sitting down with GKN and its staff to agree how best to find new jobs and retain the skills that are under threat.  However, we cannot do it alone and need to be joined by other essential partners, such as the Department for Work and Pensions, in acting to protect the livelihoods of those staff and their families.”

As well as working to support those directly affected, the Council is keen to establish the wider potential impact of the loss of work to GKN and to minimise this.  Councillor Pallister added: “We realise that the impact of this potential closure of GKN’s operations in Yeovil will stretch far beyond those directly employed by the company.  The support companies in GKN’s supply chain - both large and small - will be affected and we will ensure that the same support is offered to them.  The full impact of this announcement is much more than just GKN, Yeovil and South Somerset.  It is about the need for the UK to be very clear about its future ability to be at the leading edge of innovation, design and manufacture of military helicopters that have been the lifeblood of Yeovil for more than 70 years.  We are now seeking to meet with the Government at the earliest opportunity to discuss support for the future of this industry which is so important to our economy and our defence capabilities.”      


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