Alice Samuel & Judith Morris

Alice Samuel and Judith Morris

Alice Samuel and Judith Morris are the Liberal Democrat candidates in the Crewkerne Town Council by-election on Thursday 6th May. They are excited to serve the people of Crewkerne. Alice works at St Bartholomew’s First School as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant, and Judith spent her working life as a University Lecturer in France.

Alice said: ”I was born in Crewkerne and have lived here all my life. I love my job, supporting children in the town. In my spare time at school, I run an Eco-Council and a Dementia Friendly group, which has given me the wonderful opportunity to liaise with different community groups. If elected I would be particularly interested in improving children’s services and local amenities around Crewkerne. I will always listen to the concerns of local residents and work hard to address them.”

Judith said: “I have lived in Crewkerne for 5 years now and the town has made me feel very welcome. I should like to be of service to the people of Crewkerne on the council, I have had a lifetime of helping others, both as an army wife and within my parish in Brittany where I lived with my husband for 33 years. My aims would be to help improve the facilities available for young people in the town and to promote all the wonderful local history we have. I would appreciate the support of people in the town in the election on Thursday 6th May.”

If you want to see positive change in Crewkerne, then make sure to vote for Alice, Judith, and the Liberal Democrats on 6th May.

Alice & Judith's plan for our area

Thomas Gravatt's plan for our area

Protect local services

Alice and Judith will both work hard to protect and improve our local services. Our parks, museum, and leisure centre are great assets to the town. Alice and Judith are also keen to improve the informaton available about the local history of Crewkerne.

Imrpove our environment

The local Liberal Democrats are keen to improve our environment. We have an ambitious tree planting plan and are investing in improving our parks for the community. We are also investing in renewable energy technologies.

Invest in our communities

Liberal Democrat run South Somerset District Council is investing millions in our Town Centres. We also prioritise improving and building new village halls and playgrounds across South Somerset.


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