Children's Services Overspend

The Conservatives at Somerset County Council continue to get their finances wrong at your expense


The fairytale continues at Somerset County Council. The Tory Cabinet approved the revenue budget outturn [11/06/18] showing a continuing overspend of more than £2million with no clear plan of how to address that. The financial pain has been taken by services like roads, public transport, libraries and support services to cover a £13 million overspend in Children's Services.

Leader of the Lib Dems at SCC, Jane Lock, said ‘’SCC has thrown money at their inadequate children's services to ensure a better Ofsted rating, now they have reached the heady heights of requires improvement this has become a juggernaut that cannot be stopped. Without spending even more to support services for children and families there will be a swift deterioration, unfortunately there have been too many quick fixes and the result is a £13 million overspend which simply cannot be addressed.’’

The Cabinet have neither the vision nor the conviction to succeed in this, having starved the base budget by £26million a year by not raising Council tax by a modest amount for 7 years, they cannot balance the books and are running headlong into becoming the next Northampton and going bust. They are facing a multimillion-pound legal challenge over staff transferred out, the Chief Finance Officer has resigned after 31 years and is being replaced by an interim at more than £6000 a week - despite a freeze on recruitment for essential frontline staff such as social workers!


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