Lord Ashdown presses for answers in Parliament on the Government’s Industrial Strategy

Speaking today in the House of Lords, Lord Ashdown asked Baroness Mobarik:

“May I draw the Minster’s attention to the fact that, in the light of the more than 250 job losses in Yeovil, I have just written to the Secretary of State for Defence to ask him to assure me that the preservation of Britain’s only stand-alone capacity for helicopter production in Yeovil will be part of the National Industrial Strategy. The Secretary of State has not yet answered this question. Will the Minster?”

The Minister answering on behalf of the Government replied that she was as yet unable to provide and answer to this question.

Commenting afterwards, Paddy Ashdown said:

“It is now imperative that the Government makes its position clear on the question, for our defence, for our industrial base and for the whole South Somerset Community. I hope all who have our and the nation’s interests at heart will now unite to put pressure on the Government to give us an answer soon.”

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