Referendum Positives...

By Rob Stickland | Yeovil East District Councillor


You may just have heard about the EU referendum and the result thereof. As a Party, on the whole, we supported the Remain camp, though there were some of a different opinion. It probably didn’t even escape the notice of Tim Peake and he’s been out of the world for six months.

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Why British farmers (and consumers) need the EU - Tim Farron


Tim Farron visited a farm in Somerset to highlight the importance of the EU to British farming.

British farmers receive £2.5-£3bn a year in subsidies from the EU and export £11.4bn in produce to our European neighbours.

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Cut Crime Not Police


Paul Crossley, an experienced community leader from Bath, has been announced as the Liberal Democrat Candidate for Avon & Somerset Police & Crime Commissioner. 

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Real action to keep streets in Somerset safer

Lib Dems fight to bring criminals to justice, by keeping the European Arrest Warrant.


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Over 1000 Days of Inadequate Children Services


Somerset County Council’s Children’s Services have been rated as “inadequate” by Ofsted since June 2013. Nearly three years on and the Conservative administration has been unable to improve the quality of service. Failure to deliver quality services is putting the children of Somerset at risk. Essex County Council have been called in to try and help the County Council turn things around.

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Rising to the Challenge


Ric Pallister - Leader South Somerset District Council

It will not have escaped anyone's notice that Councils up and down the country are being financially squeezed as never before by the Government's continuing Austerity programme. For our District Council, by 2019/20, this squeeze will have opened up a funding gap of £4.1m per annum and that gap has to be filled one way or another. 

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Liberal Democrat County Leader Jane Lock has discovered that the Tory run Somerset County Council is paying over £1 million a month for Agency staff: Jane said:

"It is no wonder that the Tories have such trouble trying to balance the annual budget, whilst paying out over £1 million a month for Agency Social workers. This means that we are paying at least £6 million more a year than we should be paying if we were able to recruit full time staff"

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Yeovil Central Candidate


Yeovil South Candidates


4 things Liberal Democrats are doing for Yeovil

1. Saving Westland Leisure Complex


Yeovil Town Council along with Liberal Democrat colleagues at SSDC have taken steps to ensure the Westlands Leisure Complex stays open; responding to a local petition of 1,774 people. SSDC plan to invest £2.628M in the site and take over its management subject to approval from Finmeccanica.

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