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  • commented 2017-11-17 15:54:16 +0000
    98 Herne Rise



    TA19 0HL

    16. November 2017

    Mr Marcus Fish MP.

    21-22 High Street.



    BA20 1RF.

    Dear Mr Fysh.

    Now we have had time to study what is happening over the EU, is it not time to review the situation and stay in ? We do not have the money to pay the divorce bill, which could go to the NHS. My wife had a short time in Musgrove Park Hospital where the Polish workers were excellent. We need other workers for farming and other jobs.

    The banks talk about 75000 workers losing their jobs in the City of London. Already banking institutions are leaving the City. Now we have very little to export, for example warships, merchant ships, fire engines, ambulances and train engines. We now import these. Car workers are now losing their jobs with Honda reporting that if we leave they will close down plus all these city jobs.

    We must not have a hard border with Northern Ireland, unless we revert to old times.

    Please also note the vote to leave was not a full one. Less than a third of the electoral voted. We have encountered people who naively believed that we would be out of Europe the day after a rejection. Pensioners who live in Europe and have paid their taxes all their lives were denied a vote, not to mention the youth of our country. Therefore the argument that it was the democtractic will of the people of the UK is incorrect : 48 per cent against 51 per cent is hardly a huge majority. For instance the city of Cambridge voted overwhelmingly to stay in.

    Today it is reported that Russia used socal media to targeting immigrats in their own language to vote leave . This alone could have changed the referendum.

    John Redwood MP, the leader of the leavers, has been reported in The Guardian and other papers that he is advising all investers to remove their investments from the UK. That is like telling people to get off the sinking Ship.

    My wife is a former diplomat, and talking to some of her ex colleagues, especially those who have served in Europe, are completely exasperated with the current situation. We seem to be living in cuckoo land and being bullied by the present government.

    Please take these points seriously and act as an honest politician for those who voted you into office.

    Your sincerely

    Captain C H James RD R.N.R. F.N.I.


    Lord Ashdown

    Rt Hon Lord Heseltine

    Mrs Jo Green
  • commented 2017-01-10 06:57:20 +0000
    Need a Good School in Yeovil.

    Lot of Student who have done their GCSE , must find a good school to do their advance level exams to get the University entrance. Further more many students from yeovil as well as from suburbs are now going far to get a

    better results from GCSE advanced level.Eg. A student from Martock goes to Griffin in sherborn for GCSE advance Level education.Some of them are going to Taunton to for that.

    Unfortunately the students find difficult to travel from far to get Qualified from ages. There is no good school in Yeovil Town with expected level of Education.

    This makes them to give up their highest studies , and search odd jobs. And and after getting a job they are struggling to get the needed education from colleges , That is to get the promotion from the work place.

    Eg. Health Care Assistant wants to be a Nurse.

    In conclusion as a council tax payer i request from the Council to looking forward to have a Good School.
  • commented 2016-08-20 21:20:11 +0100
    Subject – ‘Your Views’ survey.

    First of all I tried to fill it in on line via www.blt.ly/ldsummersurvey but couldn’t as that website wasn’t recognised.

    Secondly when I attempted to complete the form that came with my post I found many of the questions were not user friendly and I didn’t know how to answer the choices provided.

    I’m letting you know just in case you have a very poor response to it and want to know a possible reason why. I do vote Liberal Democrats.
  • commented 2016-02-14 10:24:45 +0000
    You are totally incorrect about an MP only able to help people in his/her own constituency. Please research House of Commons conventions before publishing what you “believe” to be factual.
  • commented 2016-02-05 22:14:01 +0000
    You lot are useless. Wasting money on Yeovil in Bloom, sort out the footpaths should be the first priority. I notice they are all in good repair near council offices. Take a look elsewhere like outside the Alms House in the town centre.
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