Jonathan Davies


Jonathan supports communities in developing local services such as Martocks "Our Place" and is a keen advocate of developing supportive and compassionate local communities. Jonathan Davies was born in Ilchester (Taranto Hill) with his family moving to Yeovil and then many years ago onto Stoke- Sub-Hamdon. He lives in Brympton with his wife and three children. Two of of his children attended Stanchester Pre-school before its relocation to Castle School.

Jonathan is a Registered Nurse and has worked in the NHS for 19 Years. He is a keen advocate of good well organised Health and Social Care, with a focus on supporting local communities to develop services that are meaningful for them.


Jonathans family live in the area and his children and wider family have attended local schools and preschool. He was active in the campaign to keep Stanchester Pre the pre-school open when no provision at Castle had yet to be set up. As a parent of young children he is very keen to ensure high quality education for all school age and pre -school children in the area.

Jonathan’s Three to Fix for Martock

1. Adult Social Care

Ensuring individuals effected by cuts in Social Care are supported within their communities by local Projects, groups and Somerset County Council.

2. Child Care

Working with local Pre-school providers to ensure they are able to provide the full 30 hours of free provision to families close to their homes.

3. Supporting Villages

Supporting villages to help ensure each area has a viable bus link with Yeovil Town centre. Reducing rural isolation and supporting access to employment.

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