Carol Goodall

Ilminster County Council Candidate


Carol Goodall and her husband moved to Ilminster in March 1998 when her husband retired from the army. Carol’s daughter runs a business in the town and her granddaughter is at university. In 2004, even before becoming a Town Councillor, Carol was working with other residents and SSDC officers to create a community plan for Ilminster. One of the first projects identified in that plan was the enhancement of the cycle track/stop line way that involved working with two other communities – Donyatt and Knowle St Giles.


Since that time she has served as a Town Councillor 2004-2009 and 2011 - 2016, a District Councillor since 2009 and been Mayor of Ilminster four times. She chairs the Regeneration Group, and the Ilminster Forum. The group not only takes the community plan forward but also carries out a range projects from restoring the library garden, litter picks after events to washing street signs. She supported the Ilminster Football Club with their aspirations for a new purpose built sports pavilion and was instrumental in the creation of a master plan for the Town’s recreation ground.

She has been the poppy appeal coordinator for the Ilminster area since 1999. In her spare time she volunteers once a month at the local tourism desk in the Meeting House.

Carol’s Three Issues in Ilminster Divison:

Drain Clearing

Carol wants to tackle the long term problems we have with flooding on country roads. To prevent flooding we not only need to clear drains but remove the silt. Failure to remove the silt will mean clearing the drains will only serve as a short term fix to flood problems.

County Farms

Carol would campaign at County Hall to stop the selling of our County Farms. These assets are there to be put to use for the people of Somerset not sold off at a discount. We need to ensure future generations have these assets to help generate income to pay for services.


Carol is concernced about the erosion of public transport links between the surrounding villages and Ilminster. Some villages are now isolated due to infrequent bus serives. Carol will investigate what commmunity transport schemes could created to help reduce these problems.

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